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Who We Are

A guild is an association of craftsmen in a particular trade. The purpose of a guild is to impart knowledge, wisdom and teachings to other members about the craft.

Our Guild had its first meeting back on September 9th, 1948. The first members - eighteen of them - were students of an Ontario Government "Community Programs" course in weaving which had been held here during that summer. These ladies were so taken up with learning to weave that they immediately organized the Niagara Weavers Guild.

They immediately became affiliated with the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners (OHS) and shortly afterward began holding exhibits, taking part in craft and folk festivals, convening workshops, and talking themselves up to whomever would listen.

We are one of the oldest continuing Guilds in Ontario, sharing this honour with the guilds in Kingston and Kitchener-Waterloo.

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